Guest Information

  • Members and their guests are expected to wear business casual attire in the dining and beverage service areas of the clubhouse. Jackets are preferred for men and boys after 6:00 PM on Saturday evenings except on the Patio or in the Pavilion or Bistro. 
  • Tailored Jeans will be permitted in the Bistro and all areas outside of the Bistro including the Main Patio area outside of the main dining area, Pavilion, Fire Pit and adjacent patio areas. Tailored Jeans are also permitted in the locker room and first floor of the club house.   Tailored Jeans are permitted at all times in these areas except during Formal club events such as Member Guest, Member-Member and all holidays. The Club will provide advanced notice to members of events and dates in which the Tailored Jeans policy is suspended.   Jeans are not permitted in the tavern and hunt room or private dining room.  Jeans that have rips, tears or frays or are faded are not acceptable.
  • Golf hats, sports hats and visor caps are not to be worn in the Clubhouse or on patios covered by a roof, other than in the Pavilion, locker rooms and pro shop. However, women may wear golf hats or visors when lunching on the outdoor patio.  Hats are not to be placed on eating surfaces.
  • All golfers are to wear soft spikes or spikeless shoes when using the golf course and the golf practice facilities.
  • Male golfers are to wear slacks or Bermuda length shorts (not more than 2” above the knee) and tucked in golf shirts. Jeans, cargo shorts, tennis length shorts, sweat pants, and tee shirts are not permitted and hats may not be worn backwards. 
  • Women golfers are to wear slacks, skirts, skorts or appropriate length shorts (not more than a scorecard width above the knee) and an appropriate golf shirt, with a collar or sleeves (i.e., can’t be collarless and sleeveless). 

Club Policies

All golf, food and beverage charges must be signed back to your club or charged to your hosts account. However cash, Visa or MasterCard may be used to purchase merchandise in the Golf Shop. Caddie masters, locker room attendants, coat room attendants, halfway house and valet parking staff may receive gratuities at the Member’s and their guests discretion.

Electronic Devices:
The use of cell phones for verbal communication is strictly prohibited in the clubhouse and golf course except for the parking lot, interior driveways and locker rooms.  Cell phones and other mobile devices may be used for non-verbal communications (texts, emails, etc.) on the golf course and exterior areas of the clubhouse which includes the pavilion, fire pit, patios and men’s grille.  

The interiors of the Clubhouse and of all other structures on the Club Facilities are non-smoking facilities, except for the Pavilion, Fire Pit area and the Bistro Patio.


Upon arrival to Applebrook Golf Club, please follow signs leading to the Bag Drop. There, a club employee will assist you with your golf bag and direct you to the parking lot and locker-room areas. All guests are asked to use the locker rooms to change their shoes and or clothing. 

Applebrook is a walking golf club. Players are expected to walk and take a caddie. Golf carts are available on a limited basis for individuals 65 and over and those with a medical need.  In the event of inclement weather, golf cart use may be restricted or prohibited - please call the Applebrook Pro Shop at 610-647-7667 prior to your arrival to check on cart availability. 

Click here for information on Applebrook's caddie program.

Pace of Play

Players are expected to complete their round in 4 hours or less. Ready golf is encouraged and expected when circumstances require. Groups are expected to be conscious of their position on the course at all times and considerate of groups behind them. Groups are asked to respect all staff requests to maintain a proper pace.

Lightning Policy

Applebrook Golf Club is equipped with a state-of-the-art lightning detection system. When the lightning detection system warning siren is sounded, ALL golfers and their caddies on the course MUST immediately seek shelter in an on-course shelter or in the Clubhouse.


Players/caddies MUST stay in a shelter until an “all clear” signal has been given. 

You will hear an INTERMITTENT SIREN when it is all clear to return to play. Common sense should always prevail, if you hear thunder or see lightning but do not hear the detection system sirens, proceed to the nearest shelter until instructed to resume play. 

There can be NO EXCEPTIONS to this procedure. Storms are potentially life threatening. Caddies have been instructed to follow these procedures and members should not ask them to do otherwise.